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2 Candidates Deliver Blistering Attacks on Illegal Immigration

Posted by dfwdude on November 4, 2011 at 1:45 AM Comments comments (0)


Two Republican candidates vying for of the party’s conservative base issued full-throated attacks Saturday on illegal immigration.

Herman Cain, the former business executive who has emerged as a front-runner in some polls, said he would build an electrified fence on the border with Mexico that could kill people who try to cross illegally. Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota vowed to make English the government’s official language, to build a “secure double fence” and to eliminate “taxpayer-funded benefits for illegal aliens.”

Mr. Cain, speaking at a Tea Party-sponsored rally in Tennessee, made some of his most pointed remarks yet on the issue. He said he might use military troops “with real guns and real bullets” to stop intruders.

Responding to anyone who might consider his remarks “insensitive,” Mr. Cain said the real fault lies with some illegal immigrants. “It’s insensitive for them to be killing our citizens, killing our border agents,” he said. “That’s what’s insensitive. And that mess has to stop.”

Deploying equally strong language, Mrs. Bachmann gave one of the great stem-winding speeches of her campaign. She described illegal immigration as an economic as well as a security threat. “This issue cannot be allowed to stand without fighting back,” she said, drawing applause from a crowd of about 60.

It was no coincidence that she spoke in this Iowa community with the same name as Gov. Rick Perry of Texas. The campaign billed the event as “Bachmann Takes it to Perry Rally.”

Mr. Perry stole much heat and light from Mrs. Bachmann after entering the Republican presidential race this summer, but since then he has been damaged when conservative voters learned of some immigration policies he advocated in Texas.

Even as he has fallen back in polls nationally and in Iowa, Mrs. Bachmann has not been the beneficiary — primarily, that has been Mr. Cain.

Mrs. Bachmann’s appeal seemed targeted at voters in Iowa, where her campaign has placed most if its bets ahead of the caucuses early next year.

In the speech, she attacked the law Mr. Perry signed in 2001 allowing undocumented students who graduate from a Texas high school to attend a state college on in-state tuition. She said it violates a 1996 federal law.

She also cited figures from a conservative group, the Federation for American Immigration Reform, maintaining that illegal immigration costs taxpayers $133 billion a year, most of it spent on education.

This week, some leading conservative evangelical pastors issued an appeal to the Republican candidates to soften their rhetoric and proposals on immigration, warning that the debate was stigmatizing and alienating Hispanics, who have flocked to evangelical churches in recent years. The appeal came from Richard Land of the Southern Baptist Convention; Matthew D. Staver, dean of the law school at Liberty University; and the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president of the largest national conference of Hispanic evangelical churches.

Brent A. Wilkes, vice chairman of the National Hispanic Leadership Agenda, said Mr. Cain’s remarks were reflective of increasingly harsh prescriptions offered by the Republican candidates for dealing with illegal immigration.

“These folks who come across the border are at most committing a misdemeanor,” Mr. Wilkes said. “To suggest that they would be electrocuted or shot would be to treat them harsher than we treat murderers or rapists.”

Mrs. Bachmann insisted she was not taking aim at Hispanics. It is a matter of fairness, she said. She pointed to her own family of “honest, hard-working” Norwegian immigrants, who came to Iowa seven generations ago.

“When they came in, they agreed they’d learn our Constitution, they’d live under the laws of Iowa and the United States, they agreed to learn English and to assimilate into their society.”

“It’s high time,” she said, “we stand up again unashamedly” for American values.

Most of the audience applauded. One dissenter who heard her, Eddie Diaz, a resident of Perry, said, “I’m tired of candidates on both sides using scare tactics against illegal immigrants.”

What a crock of shit!!!

Posted by dfwdude on October 7, 2011 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (0)
I was watching this show on cable. Vanguard:this 'illegal' American life.Talk about a propaganda show to favor the illegals in America. All the people (illegals)talked to...not ONE would admit that they felt bad about breaking our laws to be here! Not ONE felt guilty that they maybe took jobs that a legal American deserved to get. Not ONE felt bad about sending the money they made back to mexico instead of spending it in the country that paid them. Most all of them felt they deserved and had the right to be in America even if here illegally. Wake up America!!! It is coming down to us or them!!!!

More random thoughts

Posted by dfwdude on October 7, 2011 at 5:15 AM Comments comments (0)


California to end food stamp fingerprinting   So now illegals have a open door to free food stamps! This is wrong,officials shoud require fingerprints AND drug testing to qualify for assistance!!


Cain to Wall Street protesters: ‘Blame yourself’ for joblessness   How do arrogant dipshit morons like Cain ever get into office...I'll tell you how...by walking on the backs of the American people!


Time for a revolution in this country,time to make right with what is wrong in this country!

For everyone who loves this country, for everyone whose heart is breaking for the growing ranks of the poor, for everyone who is seething at the unopposed demolition of America's working and middle class: the time has come to get off the fence.

Americans it is time to take back America before it is too late!!!!


My way or the highway

Posted by dfwdude on May 24, 2011 at 6:17 AM Comments comments (2)

Work has been good lately. In the last few weeks I have picked up a few small jobs and been able to hire a half dozen workers.

My rules:

English only on jobs,if I hear any spanish I will cut them a check and send them down the road.

That clears a lot of the useless out real quick. This is a American company and I do not believe in the bilingual process.

If some do not like it...oh well. It is a free country and I can set my own rules for employment. Has worked well so far.

Just a thought

Posted by dfwdude on April 22, 2011 at 1:16 PM Comments comments (2)
Here are some novel ideas to cut the massive budget. Start with DEPORTING EVERY ILLEGAL! That would save at least $110 BILLION ANNUALLY! Pull our troops out of IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN IMMEDIATELY! That should save a TRILLION or so. Just think, we could deploy those same troops to our border with Mexico and give them orders to shoot to kill anyone crossing the border someplace other than an established border crossing. Next we could DEMAND CONGRESS ELIMINATE THEIR RETIREMENT AND HEALTH PLAN! Why is it they should have something better than those people who elected them to SERVE? How about we tell the United Nations to pound sand and move to some other country who is willing to support this "do nothing" organization. How many BILLIONS would this small mandate save up? As for our current sitting president. He needs to go! He's proven to be totally and completely incapable of grasping even the most simplest of problems and is clueless as to how to handle even the minimally complexed problems We do need to take care of our own. The state department should be changed to the united states department and help Americans for a while. We have alot of very poor families and elderly people in our own country. We give away billions to foreign countries. That money should be used for Americans only. It's quite a plight when we have poor and starving people in our own country. Now with economic conditions even worsening it even puts greater pressure on the poor. If we didn't gve away so much money we probably could afford to pay for Obama care. I know China sure never spends any monies to help any other country. Only if it's in there best economic interests. Thats probably why they have done so well lately. The term Yee fend for thyself is there motto. . . . . . . . This may sound cold, but put America first. Or soon we may not have an America left to live in Enforce the law fhat only U.S.citizen's have the right to vote in Local, State and Federal elections. Proof of U.S. citizenship before anyone can vote in Local, State and Federal elections. No more illegal aliens voteing for politicians that help them drain our Social Services in the United States. No more illegal aliens voteing for politicians that help then stay in the United States. " ONLY U.S. CITIZENS HAVE THE RIGHT TO VOTE"

How to fix the economy

Posted by dfwdude on March 4, 2011 at 2:08 AM Comments comments (5)

How to fix this unemployment/decficit problems? We need to become a self sustaining economy. Where we source our raw materials from ourselves green and nongreen. We wont have to care what the rest of the worlds demand is looking like or its impact on us. Time to get Protectionist and start becoming Self Sustaining. Time to set the American CEO and Companies on the straight and narrow again


Capitalism is a economic our system that has to be managed. From Wall Street to Main Street

Democray is our governmental system that has to manage it.

So write your CEOs and Congress person that what we expect is the following to create jobs here in the USA and become self sustaining again otherwise call them what they are too us TRAITORS dont care what party they are from. Keep voting in people that start doing what we want, or do what we just did, vote them out until someone starts to listen to us. Koch brothers proved that this week in spades they are turning our government into the PLAYHOUSE of the Rich.

1. Start insourcing all manufacturing and high tech as fast as they can.

2. Incentives to companies that hire the unemployed and start creating jobs here.

3. Tax every company that continues to outsource and/or use Indian outsourcing firms.

4. Eliminate all H1B Visas.

5. Tariff goods from China and other low cost manufacturing countries that fix their currency since they tariff all of our goods coming to their shores. Whose workers make $300 a month cant compete with that and no regulations, let them choke on their own acid rain in China.

6. Fences make good neighbors. Put an electric fence at the Mexican border or like the Chinese did build a Great Wall of America to keep illegals from pouring over an open border taking jobs away from kids that dont go to college or kids in college cant even work at McDonalds shameful.

7. Apprenticeships so our youth first learn a trade even these Harvard idiots whose graduates who are outsourcing our jobs know that learning a trade like in the old days gives one self worth.

The WORLD ECONOMY and FREE TRADE have and always have been b s concepts. We need FAIR TRADE. We to start buying what is Made in USA only cant find it then think if you need that item go without.

Email this list to your Senator, Congressman and President. We have to PUT THE UNEMPLOYED BACK TO WORK AND INCREASE OUR TAX BASE YOU CANT CUT YOURSELF OUT OF A $14T DOLLAR HOLE WITH $100M a YEAR TAX CUTS. That will mean every 10 years you save $1T??? Budget balance in 140 years this way.

We can cut the deficit after America is back to work!!!

COME ON GOP YOU PROMISED JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, where are those jobs I forgot American CEO created 1.5 million high paying jobs overseas ie see Ford Plant in Brazil and three new CAT plants in CHINA. Time to vote out any party that does not create jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey TRAITOR AMERICAN CEOs you are the problem and you are the solution!!!!! To save a buck you have forgotten your moral and civic duty to your country. Wake up before we are Egypt because you are turning your country into a third world.

The search goes on

Posted by dfwdude on January 26, 2011 at 5:35 AM Comments comments (0)

I spent nearly six hours today filling online job apps,and using the phone book to call  local business's to inquire if they were hiring. I even stopped at 2 construction sites and asked for work.

results------zero at this time.

The problem of finding a job

Posted by dfwdude on January 8, 2011 at 4:50 AM Comments comments (0)

Here's the problem.

There are job offers out there, but they are insulting.

The people making the job offers know they are insulting, but they also know that for every person on their 10th week of unemployment who would not take the job for $8.50 an hour because it's a $25 an hour job, they also know there is a person out there approaching week 99 that will take it because something is better than nothing.


The 8 years of work the Bush administration did is coming to fruition.


The power is in the hands of the few while the many better just shut up and be happy with what they're being given.


And that's the problem in America today.


Posted by dfwdude on January 8, 2011 at 2:00 AM Comments comments (0)

America now has 40million Americans living in poverty.


America feeds the worlds hungry and yet somehow fails to feed Americans.


America supports human rights around the globe, yet somehow America fails to see the importance of supporting the human rights of Americans.


Many Americans struggle just to survive another day due largely to Americas failure to support human rights for Americans.


We The People have been forsaken by our government.

Our once great country has fallen into decay and disrepair which has led to nearly unsurmountable despair.

Our government is able to assist nearly every other country on the planet yet they are unable, nay, unwilling to assist their own people in our greatest time of need.

 I don't care about the arguments that 99 weeks of unemployment is enough. If the jobs aren't there, it doesn't matter if there are 199 weeks of benefits.

We want to work.

We need jobs.

Until jobs are made available, it is the responsibility of the government to provide for it's citizens' basic necessities; food, shelter, and medical care


The next few months will be interesting to watch.

Will the Obama Administration put his re-election in jeopardy to help the 99er's?

Or will he hide it and not come the rescue.

Either way he will lose votes.


Listen up, politicians and government officials: YOU OWE IT TO YOUR FELLOW CITIZENS.

Very soon now, desperation is going to turn to this country into a very ugly place, even uglier than it already is. People will eventually get to the point where they will begin to quit talking blame and start taking action against those they blame.

When that happens, when that floodgate is opened, this country will lose many, many politicians at the hands of desperate individuals who feel they have no choice but to lash out at those who have ignored them, those who have sat idly by while they've lost everything they worked their whole lives for.

When as person feels that he has nothing left to lose, as a lot of people are starting to feel, bad things can, do, and will happen.

You may scoff at the thought but the day is coming and soon


My daily work search

Posted by dfwdude on January 8, 2011 at 1:18 AM Comments comments (0)

Checked job boards for any new listings.

Called several local busniis's requiring if hiring

no reponse from any

what few took time to talk to me said not hiring at present.

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