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How to fix the economy

Posted by dfwdude on March 4, 2011 at 2:08 AM Comments comments (5)

How to fix this unemployment/decficit problems? We need to become a self sustaining economy. Where we source our raw materials from ourselves green and nongreen. We wont have to care what the rest of the worlds demand is looking like or its impact on us. Time to get Protectionist and start becoming Self Sustaining. Time to set the American CEO and Companies on the straight and narrow again


Capitalism is a economic our system that has to be managed. From Wall Street to Main Street

Democray is our governmental system that has to manage it.

So write your CEOs and Congress person that what we expect is the following to create jobs here in the USA and become self sustaining again otherwise call them what they are too us TRAITORS dont care what party they are from. Keep voting in people that start doing what we want, or do what we just did, vote them out until someone starts to listen to us. Koch brothers proved that this week in spades they are turning our government into the PLAYHOUSE of the Rich.

1. Start insourcing all manufacturing and high tech as fast as they can.

2. Incentives to companies that hire the unemployed and start creating jobs here.

3. Tax every company that continues to outsource and/or use Indian outsourcing firms.

4. Eliminate all H1B Visas.

5. Tariff goods from China and other low cost manufacturing countries that fix their currency since they tariff all of our goods coming to their shores. Whose workers make $300 a month cant compete with that and no regulations, let them choke on their own acid rain in China.

6. Fences make good neighbors. Put an electric fence at the Mexican border or like the Chinese did build a Great Wall of America to keep illegals from pouring over an open border taking jobs away from kids that dont go to college or kids in college cant even work at McDonalds shameful.

7. Apprenticeships so our youth first learn a trade even these Harvard idiots whose graduates who are outsourcing our jobs know that learning a trade like in the old days gives one self worth.

The WORLD ECONOMY and FREE TRADE have and always have been b s concepts. We need FAIR TRADE. We to start buying what is Made in USA only cant find it then think if you need that item go without.

Email this list to your Senator, Congressman and President. We have to PUT THE UNEMPLOYED BACK TO WORK AND INCREASE OUR TAX BASE YOU CANT CUT YOURSELF OUT OF A $14T DOLLAR HOLE WITH $100M a YEAR TAX CUTS. That will mean every 10 years you save $1T??? Budget balance in 140 years this way.

We can cut the deficit after America is back to work!!!

COME ON GOP YOU PROMISED JOBS, JOBS, JOBS, where are those jobs I forgot American CEO created 1.5 million high paying jobs overseas ie see Ford Plant in Brazil and three new CAT plants in CHINA. Time to vote out any party that does not create jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey TRAITOR AMERICAN CEOs you are the problem and you are the solution!!!!! To save a buck you have forgotten your moral and civic duty to your country. Wake up before we are Egypt because you are turning your country into a third world.

The search goes on

Posted by dfwdude on January 26, 2011 at 5:35 AM Comments comments (0)

I spent nearly six hours today filling online job apps,and using the phone book to call  local business's to inquire if they were hiring. I even stopped at 2 construction sites and asked for work.

results------zero at this time.

My daily work search

Posted by dfwdude on January 8, 2011 at 1:18 AM Comments comments (0)

Checked job boards for any new listings.

Called several local busniis's requiring if hiring

no reponse from any

what few took time to talk to me said not hiring at present.

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