Red Blooded Americans



  1. Must you be a member to view site?

    No. you can go anywhere in the site and join in on forums rants etc. If you join all that happens is you get a update notice whenever there is action in the site.

  2. Why should I join RBA?

    You do not have to join to use the site,but by becoming a member you will get updates to what goes on here at RBA.

  3. What does RBA stand for?

    Truth,Justice and equal rights for all legal Americans

  4. Who operates RBA?

    Just one person operates and controls RBA...

    the DfwDude

  5. What will I find in RBA?

    You will find information that is good to know about what is important to Americans in today's world.You can post a Rant or a Rave or just make a comment on all things general. You will find links to contact Government officials (including the President) or links to good to know type stuff.

    Also real time chat and links to polls etc.

  6. How does the Email work?

    If you recieve a email from someone at RBA You will need to come to RBA to send a reply email. If you try and send from your regular email client (yahoo,hotmail,google etc) it will come back as undeliverable.

  7. How do I contact the Site owner (DfwDude)

    When I am online I always try and keep ways for others to contact me.

    Click on the Chat tab to find ways to contact me to chat.

    You can find me on

    Yahoo IM,Google Talk,Paltalk and others. I am most times on Yahoo IM.

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Thots n Jots

  1. What is Thots n Jots?

    T n J is my personal site where I have my music videos and fiction posted.

    Just my private little world to rule as I see fit.

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