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Ok, I may open a can of worms here.

Let me first start by saying I am a believer of equal rights for all...






Now,there is Black history month......and Black this and Black that organizations.Chamber of commerce etc.

There are Hispanic this and that organizations.chamber of commerce etc.

Yet if there was a White history month or White chamber of commerce etc. All kinds of hell would break out.

Why huh? answer me that! Should'nt we all be equal?


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Oh my God yes!! This is always mind as well. Of you read my other post it mentions something about this. Why oh why can't EVERYTHING BE EQUAL. It just males no sense. I really think something should be do.e to do away with black awards,scholarships, Hispanic heritage month, etc. Its all the dam. Liberals and Democrats who so want to be politically correct. Well to hell with all that nonsense. If they want to not hurt anyone's feelings they better damn well include the white race as well. Boy I tell ya nothing gets me more steamed up than the topics on your site dear!!l I could just go off I tell ya! :-)
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Lesa in case you haven't noticed gurl...the whites must be made to pay for some imagined misdeeds.the nigs always have thier handout and always will.at least the beaners work. get a picture girly!

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Lesasaworld,thanks for the thumbs up,getting mad is what got me to start this site!!!

Tell your friends,spread the link around!!!!!   Thanks


We must fight for our rights or Lose them all!

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