Red Blooded Americans

Purpose and Goals for RBA

RBA is  all about fighting for the rights of Red Blooded Americans.

That means seeking out all forms of bad/corrupt government and bringing it out in the open.

That means fighting illegal immigration issues and correcting it.

That means helping Americans get equal rights not found at this time.

That means helping Americans in need of jobs etc.

This means all Americans standing shoulder to shoulder to fight for our rights.

UPDATE : January 2012 !

A lot has changed since I wrote the above! I am now doing very well. Work is coming in faster than I can handle it. I Bought my own place and enjoy spending my free time updating it. I am thankful that I had family to help during my down time and Now back on my feet and ready to further the battle against illegal aliens!

Why Join RBA ?

I Am the mouse that roared! I am a normal middle class blue collar type of guy. I worked hard all my life,raised a family,paid my taxes and never had much to complain about,just working hard and looking forward to enjoying my Autumn years at lake Texoma chasing fish (and my wife).

All was going well,that is untill my wife was diagnosed with cancer.That was the beginning of the end.Within 18 months my wife lost her battle with cancer. I lost the love of my life and every thing else. I was left with a huge medical bill (huge is not near good to describe the bill) Work died up at the lake and I lost my home and had to move to Dallas.

I struggled along for a few years work drying up construction work was being taken over by the hispanics low balling my work more and more as time passed. Now I have hit the wall...I have been unemployed long term. Have run out of benefits. Have had to move in with family.

Now a good day is when I find enough cans to along a road to at least help buy a few groceries to help out the family.

I have reached my limit!!! Ihave watched as Illegal Aliens have flooded this state recieving free care,free education,free  medical,taking my jobs and disrespecting  Americans and this great country

I have watched our Government and elected politicians go to hell in a hand basket,not caring one bit about the people that put them in office.

The time has come for Red Blooded Americans to come together and take control of this country once again.